Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pictures of Wrapper Man At Lugbe, Abuja

Wellwishers at Lugbe

 World Wrapper Man arrived Lugbe to the delight of the residents who took time out to socialise with him, take pictures and videos of him and accompany him part of the way on his trek to Abuja City Gate.

Houston's Flood Filled Streets

Houston - we have a problem

As we complain about the sun and the resultant heat being too much, spare a thought for those in Houston being hit by the massive floods (caused by heavy rain) that has covered the state in recent times.  People are stuck in their houses, stranded and surrounded by huge artificial lakes.  As you can see from the picture above, tall 4 x 4s are being 'swallowed' by water making them look like child's play toys.

I hear the water (flash flood) is seven to eight feet deep in most areas. People are missing, loads more have lost their lives.  Standing water every where, water filled roads, the interstate (highway) being one of them and virtually unpassable.  
I-45 Interstate (Before and After)

Empower Yourself: Fruit Arrangements Training

  •  Do you like what you see?  Obx Finger Foods is at it again.........
     Would you like to learn fruits arrangement and crafts training?
     There is so much to learn! The possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

World Wrapper Man Delayed At Airport Junction - Will Arrive Abuja City @4PM

Wrapper Man at Airport Junction, Abuja

World Wrapper Man Update:  Reports reaching us indicate that World Wrapper Man, David Obaro is delayed but is still on track to arrive Abuja city centre today.  He was delayed by series of check points, searches and interrogation by the Police at Abuja Airport Junction.   He is scheduled to arrive Abuja City Gate at about 4pm today - Wednesday 27th .  I would encourage all to come out en masse and welcome World Wrapper Man to Abuja. 

 World Wrapper Man at University of Abuja, Gwagwalada gate.  Thanks to Michael Anthony who sent in this picture taken at about 8.45am today - Wednesday 27th May 2015.

Queen of Soul - Patti Labelle is 71!!

Patti La Belle

Happy Birthday to the gorgeous 71 year old Godmother of Soul and Queen of Rock n Roll - Ms Patti Labelle who does not look a day over 30!  You Rock!!

Wrapper Man: Videos

I must admit I was sceptical when I read about David's intention to trek from Lagos to Abuja,  I could not help but support his cause when I learnt that his trek was selfless and he was trekking to raise money for five different charities.  Here are some videos that were shot in the course of David's trek:

A)  The eve of his journey/trek:

B)  Channels TV Interview on Day 1 of  his trek:

C)  At Ogun State a couple of days into his trek:

D) At Abaji - 90KM to the end of his trek:

Please support his cause and contact his base co-ordinator to obtain details of how to contribute and support this great feat and the charities.
  1. Beach Samaritans:  A voluntary group which undertakes the cleaning of beaches around Lagos with the intention of keeping them at an international standard;
  2. Food Library Project:  A project with the intention of researching traditional Nigerian cuisine with the purpose of making it as acceptable to the world the same way Chinese cuisine is accepted by all;
  3. Wrapper Marathon:  Boost tourism ad sports with the use of African material during marathons which will showcase our rich culture;
  4. Activ8:  A faith based organisation supporting the education of the less privileged in the society.  A gap analysis is made to try and close the huge gap;  and
  5. Government College Ughelli Old Boys:  support the school by providing sports equipment and facilities to the school.  
Base co-ordinator: Albert Akpong, 11 Adenuga Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. Mobile: 08039780517

Wrapper Man: David Obaro in Kwali - Abuja

Calabar Gal is pleased to announce that Wrapper Man, David Obaro is making steady progress and has now arrived at Kwali which is about 90KM from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja city gate.

His Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at the FCT City Gate is 2pm Tomorrow - Wednesday 27th May 2015.  We would like to appeal to all citizens to please come out en masse and give David a resounding welcome.  

David has walked and ran the entire 787KM from Lagos to Abuja and Calabar Gal has been giving regular updates these past three weeks. He has conducted his trek in full urhobo traditional attire - 37 yards of wrapper and traditional shirt.  To recap, He is running/trekking to raise N500m for charity and the 5 charities are listed below:

  1. Beach Samaritans:  A voluntary group which undertakes the cleaning of beaches around Lagos with the intention of keeping them at an international standard;
  2. Food Library Project:  A project with the intention of researching traditional Nigerian cuisine with the purpose of making it as acceptable to the world the same way Chinese cuisine is accepted by all;
  3. Wrapper Marathon:  Boost tourism ad sports with the use of African material during marathons which will showcase our rich culture;
  4. Activ8:  A faith based organisation supporting the education of the less privileged in the society.  A gap analysis is made to try and close the huge gap;  and
  5. Government College Ughelli Old Boys:  support the school by providing sports equipment and facilities to the school.  
Details of the Account details to suuport this cause will be released to any interested parties who want to contribute.  these details were not released earlier as the team wanted Wrapper Man to complete his trek so the populace would see that Wrapper Man/his cause was not a fraud.  If you want to be a part of this great initiative and support Wrapper Man's cause, please contact his base co-ordinator using the details below and he will give you the relevant account details:

Albert Akpong, 11 Adenuga Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. Mobile: 08039780517

Weird Notice

Check out this 'Lost Dog' notice found on the streets by Vera.  Hell hath no fury indeed like a woman scorned.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sosoliso Plane Crash Survivor Graduates With A First Class Degree

Beautiful Kechi Okwuchi is the only survivor of the Sosoliso plane crash that occurred in December 2005, Port Harcourt. 

Kechi's life changed forever in 2005 when she just 16. She and 60 other schoolmates from Loyola Jesuit College(one of the best private secondary schools in Nigeria), a boarding high school in Abuja, boarded a Sosoliso plane headed to Port Harcourt for the Christmas holiday...but 20 minutes to landing, something went terrible wrong. The plane crashed and Kechi lost all her friends. She survived but was badly burnt. But that hasn't stopped her from living.. Port Harcourt Airport had only one fire truck and no ambulances. She was the only student and person that survived.

The plane crash also claimed the life of well liked Nigerian pastor, Pastor Bimbo Odukoya. 

Kechi Okwuchi graduated with a First Class from the University of St Thomas, Houston Texas on May 16th 2015. Not only that but she was also inducted into 6 academic honor societies and was the most Outstanding student for her major in Economics. She was also chosen to give the commencement address to the class of 2015 at her school. 

Congratulations, Kechi!! The Sky is your limit!

Culled from Amaka Hart's Facebook page

Do You Stop When You Get To A Red Light?

Under normal traffic rules, you keep moving when you get to a green traffic light, get ready to stop when you get to an orange traffic light and stop at a red traffic light.

I read somewhere that the opposite is actually the case in Lagos.  When you see a green light, you keep moving,  you zoom past quickly at an orange traffic light and when you see a red traffic light, you stop for a micro second, look left and right and if there are no lastma or police officials around, then you zoom past the red light.

It looks like the red light rule holds sway not just in Lagos but in Manchester as well.  Watch the video to see what happened when the cyclist got to a red light.

According to the cylist in the video,

 "Thought I'd just get the lights, hence the speed. Realised it wasn't happening, squeezed the front brake. Cable snapped. Not enough time to lose speed on back wheel in the wet. "

Clap for yourself!

Monday, May 25, 2015

African American Asked to Leave "84% White" Lindenhurst Community........

A black lady - Darcell Copes and her family moved to Long Island two years ago.  Last week, Darcel's daughter picked up their post and the letter above was among their mail, sent anonymously from someone in Lidenhurst Community, Long Island, Suffolk County, New York. She was asked to leave the community as it is '84% white and she did not belong there'.

Speaking to reporters outside her home which she shares with her 3 children and 5 grand children, Darcel said she went from being fearful, to being totally confused, wanting to protect her family and wanting to know who and why.  She says the letter writer is a coward and she is praying for him but will not be intimidated into leaving Lindenhurst.  Racism is alive and well in 2015 and this letter proves that Darcel concluded.

I did not expect there to be such a blatant display of racism in 2015! I hope the perpetrators of this act get caught and prosecuted.  There has always been subtle hostility but I am not condoning any kind of hostility at all - either subtle or blatant!

David Obaro - Wrapper Man Arrives Abaji - FCT!!


We are happy to announce that World Wrapper man arrived the town of Abaji - FCT at 5.25am this morning.  Abaji town is on the outskirts of the Federal Capital Territory.  More details coming up shortly.

A big 'Thank You' to Amanda from Igeduma, Edo State who sent in these photos of David Obaro (wrapper Man) and also helped him attend to the sores on his foot.  Amanda's question was "What is all this about? It is so stressful on this man".  Amanda - David it is all about charitable work and giving back to Society.  David is subjecting himself to all this stress for charity.  Details of how to support David and his charities after the cut.

Wrapper Man David Obaro Making Steady Progress

Wrapper Man at Ozi Village, Kogi State

We would like to thank Zakari for sending in these pictures of Wrapper Man - David Obaro at Ozi Village in Kogi state.  

Sunday, May 24, 2015

David Obaro (Wrapper Man) Gets Resounding Welcome in Lokoja

Wrapper Man in Lokoja

We are happy to report that David Obaro aka World Wrapper Man has arrived the confluence city of Lokoja.  He got an extremely resounding welcome on his welcome depicted by the pictures below.

Wrapper Man with Lokoja residents
 The reception is extremely heart warming and is miles away from the hostility David has encountered in other cities communities he passed though.

David being interviewed by Channels TV at Lokoja

Model's BMW Vehicle Burns Down On Motorway.........

For some reason, I happened to be travelling on the motorway and at some point in our journey, traffic slowed down to almost a standstill.  By the side of the motorway was a tall, svelte good looking lady wiping away tears from her eyes.  The sight of her wiping away her tears tugged at my heartstrings for there before our eyes on the fast lane hard shoulder (well at the time, I thought it was the fast lane but the picture seems to depict otherwise) of the motorway, lay the smouldering carcass of her once shiny £20,000 BMW.

It looks like flames came up on her windscreen while she was on the fast lane.  I can only imagine the fright she felt, the panic she must have had at the time of the incident.  I can only thank God that she and her partner were able to flee the burning car unhurt and arrive safely on the hard shoulder without being mowed down by a speeding car.  Fleeing the burning car unhurt and getting across the motorway from fast traffic 'hurtling' at 100km per hour is another miracle in itself.  The fuel in the burning car must have exploded at some point.  Oh the heartbreak she must have felt.  I am pretty sure she and her partner had little or no time to take any personal effects from the burning car.  The black plumes of smoke look so scary!  

I really wonder what caused the fire.  An electrical fault?  I hate to think it was negligence on the part of the driver but something tells me driver negligence is not even a factor at all.  I did not interview her so I cant tell if any warning signs came up on her dashboard.  I hope it all gets sorted by her insurance and that there will be a happy ending to this unfortunate incident.  BMWs can be replaced - they are just metal at the end of the day but life cant be replaced.  I'm just glad she and her partner got out of the burning car safe and sound.

Sweden Wins 60th Eurovision Song Contest!

Sweden wins Eurovision 2015 Song Contest!! It was a record breaking event and the 60th Anniversary of the Song Contest.  Votes had been received from 36 countries only when the hostesses for the evening announced that the maths were in and no other country would catch up and declared Sweden the winner with 328 points.  The remaining 4 countries then proceeded to announce their votes and when the final votes were in, Sweden had 365 points and was 62 points ahead of second place - Russia.

Sweden leads the board at the end of the night

Sweden announced winner after Cyprus voting results
At the half way point, Russia was leading with Sweden fast behind.  However, the tables turned when the voting results of the 36th country - Cyprus came in.  Cyprus gave Sweden 10 points and at that point, no other country would be able to catch up even if they received 12 points from the countries whose votes were yet to be announced.  Sweden was announced the winner and the remaining four countries allowed to finish announcing their results.

Halfway Point

Saturday, May 23, 2015

World Wrapper Man arrives Lokoja

David arrives Lokoja
Day 13 to 17:  Monday 18th May to Friday 22 May 2015

David Obaro is still continuing his trek from Lagos to Abuja. He passed by Osara Polytechnic, Kogi State yesterday and took time out to take pictures with the students.

Arrives at Lokoja

@Osara Polytechnic, Kogi 
 He is not giving up yet......
With Students at Osara Polytechnic
 If you want to be a part of this great initiative and support Wrapper Man's cause, please contact his base co-ordinator using the details below:

Albert Akpong, 11 Adenuga Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. Mobile: 08039780517

Remember Wrapper Man lost his ipad and phone to the trailer that ran over his knapsack in the night.  He is open to offers of an ipad and phone to enable him share his trek with us all.  He is also open to offers of running shoes to replace his current ones which are steadfastly wearing out.
With well wishers at Lokoja

Friday, May 22, 2015

Emmajane and Bassey - Signed, Sealed and Delivered.....

This week, we are featuring Emmajane and Bassey who jumped the broom together recently.  Efik culture was brought to the fore on their colourful day as Bassey Yellow Duke, his dad - Rtd Major General Inameti Yellow Duke and their entire family headed to Emmajane's home in Calabar to knock on the door and ask for her hand in marriage.  
Waiting happily for my groom

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Female Politician Caught In Act of Performing Ritual Killing?

OMG!! I dont know what to believe! Is this the truth or some form of smear campaign?   The pictures above were lifted from Henry Obazi's facebook page and he alleges that the lady in the picture - Mrs Munirat Adedoyin, the former Deputy Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government was caught performing some rituals with the young boy in the picture.  He alleges that she is on the run and is wanted by the police in connection with the act.  See screenshots of Henry Obazi's facebook page after the cut.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Student at University of Hertfordshire commits suicide after suffering heartbreak....

Reports reaching me disclose that a 19 year old foreign student of the University of Hertfordshire has committed suicide.  The 19 year old who has not been named was taken to Lister Hospital, Stevenage after "self harming" by stabbing himself (with a knife) several times (outside the campus block) at about 2.15am on 12th May 2015.  He died on arrival at the hospital as a result of his injuries.

Why would a student whose parents have nutured and cared for him for over 19 years decide that life is suddenly too bleak because of a girl, take a knife and stab himself several times?  His parents have paid over £9,000 as fees, much more for accommodation and other sundry expenses depending on his year/level of study.  Why would he do that to his family and to himself? Too late now - maybe someone saw the signs and ignored them?  May his soul rest in peace.

World Wrapper Man Arrives Okpekpe 72 hours Behind Schedule Amidst Hostility..

David Obaro
Albert Akpong - World Wrapper Man's base co-ordinator has informed me that Wrapper Man is facing extreme hostilities in communities he is passing through in Edo State.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hon. Majorie Asuquo loses her mum....

The incumbent Chairman of Calabar South Local government - Hon.  Majorie Asuquo lost her loving mother recently to the cold hands of death.  Various elders, groups and individuals in the state paid her condolence visits.  Pictures from the visits are below:

Senator Elect Chief Gershom Bassey signing the Condolence Register

Free Blood Screening for Hepatitis B At Calabar South LG Council

The University of Calabar Teaching Hospital in conjunction with the Calabar South Local Government Area recently conducted a free blood screening exercise for Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and other blood related diseases at the council offices.  Pictures from the event are below:

Bursts of Refuse Littering Calabar Again.....

Refuse around Zone 6/Ekorinim Junction

I heard in the Grapevine that bursts of refuse were springing up in  unsightly places all over Calabar.  From the picture above, this seems to be the truth and nothing but the truth.  It looks like Calabar Urban Development Authority (CUDA) is not emptying the refuse bins on time and on schedule causing them to over flow and produce this unsightly mess.  

The Grapevine also tells me that there is another huge burst of refuse opposite the State Library.  CUDA - you have been called out!! And you lovely citizens of Ekorinim/Zone 6 - if your refuse bins are already overflowing, why throw refuse on the ground around the bins?

Monday, May 18, 2015

World Wrapper Man: Day 12

Day 12 Sunday 17 May 2015 Iruekpen to Ekpoma

At the crack of dawn, David commenced his trek from Iruekpen with the intention of heading to Ekpoma.  His journey is becoming tortuous and is compounded by the fact that he has serious blisters on his feet which are impeding his movement but heh - his motto is forward ever backward never.  Aluta continua!  The blisters  on his foot wont deter him and he is taking every step necessary to ensure that nothing is taken for granted.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

World Wrapper Man: Day 11

Day 11 Saturday 16th May 2015  Okpekpe to Iruekpen

David set off from Lagos on 6th May with the intention of arriving in Okpekpe on 15th May with the intention of participating in the 3rd Okpekpe Road Race.  However, due to several delays/skirmishes he has met along the way, where in all the instances, he was delayed by youth for a couple of hours, it was not possible for him to get to Okpekpe in time for the race.

Yesterday, a couple of youths stopped him from progressing on his trek and held him hostage for a couple of hours on his way to Okpekpe.  The police in the town where he was accosted were not receptive to his plight either.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

World Wrapper Man: Day 9 - 10

Day 9 Thursday 14th May 2015  Ohosu to Okada and Benin

David left Ohosu at the crack of dawn with a spring in his step, believing w that Jehovah is forever a better and stronger security than humans who has kept him all through the trek/journey.  After hours of trekking, he finally arrived Okada town early evening.  He stopped in Okada for a few hours rest and then continued his journey at about 6pm to Benin.  According to David and I quote: "No giving up now - loads of catching up to do".  David is afraid he may be running behind schedule.  He got to Benin late on Thursday night, but due to the fact that his battery was down, and no power bank to keep it fully charged, missed the people who were waiting to receive him......

Day 10  Friday 15th May 2015  Benin to Okpekpe

David was interviewed by Silverbird TV and Channels TV.  Channels TV went along with him for some distance recording his feat.  Please look out for the interviews as they will be featured shortly.

David's legs are getting heavy.  If anyone is on a journey from Lagos to Benin, please get some inflamation cream and carry along on your journey.  This may be extremely useful if you pass David aka World Wrapper Man on the way.  He needs the inflamation cream badly.  His feet are crying our for help... 

David also needs a new ipad and power bank as his previous ones had been smashed by a trailer in the night.  Please reach out and support his cause.  He needs to get to Okpekpe today as the Road Race is taking place tomorrow.

Will keep you posted as I receive more updates.

Update:  David's camp informed me that he was involved in two skirmishes today.  The first was with a couple of youths who delayed his journey and would not let him proceed.  The police was involved but they sided with the youth and did not believe that he was trekking for Charity.  We would like to use this medium to appeal to all out there - David is real.  Please offer him as much assistance as you can when he passes through your town.  He is not a threat at all to your community.

David also suffered another skirmish at Iruekpen at about 4.30pm.  He had stopped at Igeduma opposite Jehovah Witness's church to have a look at and attend to his blistered and painful feet.  Two ladies who were tenants assisted him in tending to his feet but  a tall and light complexioned man believed to be the landlord of the building was extremely hostile and ordered Wrapper Man to leave the vicinity immediately.